Events for 2020

All events cancelled until further notice including club nights.

Hello everyone,

Great news, the flying site is now to be available to all that want to use it, no restriction on the numbers attending on the following basis.

Unlike power flying where a "pilots box" is usually adopted, with Gliding we can easily maintain social distancing in line with government restrictions.

Please follow the following general rules when attending the site.

  1. On arrival park you car well away from other members cars.
  2. Maintain a minimum of 2 metres from any others at the site, we have plenty of room to spread ourselves out.
  3. Critically stay well away from the trees, to ensure you are not in a position to have to ask Ferris for help.
  4. Do not go to the shed for anything, thus avoiding touching anything that someone else has touched.

Enjoy the weather but please keep to these restrictions to ensure you stay safe.




Membership Secretary; TerryPelling -

Club Secretary; Terry Weeks -

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