Club History.

The Alton Silent Flyers was formed on the 19th November 2013 by a number of members of the Aldershot Model Club that had interests only in the Silent flight aspect of the hobby.  Prior to our separation from AMC and the formation of Alton Silent Flyers, East Worldham served as AMC’s glider site, but as of the 1st of January 2014 Alton Silent Flyers took over the East Worldham glider field and made it their home.


Alton Silent Flyers is a model club mainly dedicated to electric and winch launched gliders, but with some members flying electric powered tugs and sedate classic aircraft.  We fly many types and sizes of model ranging from small cheap home built gliders, all the way up to state of the art Russian composite models.  So, no matter what you fly you will always be given a warm welcome at the East Worldham club site.

We are a silent flight club. (Please note: Internal combustion, jet powered, ducted  fan models and hot liners flown with continuous power up and down the field are not allowed.) 

Club Meetings

Club meetings are held at the 3 Horseshoes Public House in East Worldham on the third Tuesday in the month at 7.30 pm. All are welcome.